Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day Tripping Makes Us Happy

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


That's part of my crew on the bikes. My little helper rides with me
as we are usually the caboose of this party train.

We are big trippers, day trippers that is. We love a good excuse to break things up and get a fresh perspective. Time together in the car can be a great chance to reconnect and take a break from the daily grind (or rut). We are so fortunate living in Southern California to have so many places to venture off to for a day; sometimes without even having to travel far.

I love discovering something new about our own community or a neighboring community and just getting out. This shot is from Saturday's visit to one of our most favorite spots, Balboa Park. We were there for some fantastic culture, which I will share soon, and absolutely had to cruise the park. I love this picture and how everyone else is taking in the koy pond (a must-stop spot for us every time.) in their own way.

And for those of you who are traditionalists and love nostalgia, it's especially sweet for me that I can take my kids to a place that is so near and dear to me; some place I used to visit with my Nana, and now see how it is becoming special to them. I love that their favorite spots were some of my favorite spots and together we are finding new treasures in this gem of a park nestled in my favorite city.

That's the beauty of getting out. It gets us into other things, other than just ourselves.

Where do you like to get away to?