Friday, September 11, 2009


Friday, September 11, 2009


I had a request for a breakfast post. While I hardly think I have this one wired, it did inspire me to consider an assortment of breakfast options as we head back to school. (Hmmm, this is a rather food heavy week for my posts.)

Here are some of our favorite breakfasts:

: Eggs and bacon in a glass
: Oatmeal with fruit and flax
: Egg strata (assemble the night before and pop in the oven in the morning--easy peasy but takes time to cook)
: Breakfast burritos (anything mixed with eggs and wrapped in a tortilla)
: Pancake wrapped sausages (chicken sausages from Trader Joes) and boiled egg
: French toast (made with potato bread and flax) and fruit
: Croissants with scrambled eggs (Again, love the frozen ones from Trader Joes that rest overnight)
: Homemade muffins (love Jora's mom's banana muffins - hint, hint) and boiled egg
: Egg sandwiches
: Toast with egg middles ("sunshine day")
: Cereal with banana and boiled egg
: Greek yogurt, flax, blueberries and stevia or agave nectar (this is a new item to our repertoire)

As you can see, we're a pretty egg friendly crew. A typical morning includes a bowl of cereal as an appetizer (gorilla munch, bran flakes or something similar) while the protein course is being prepared. We often finish with a small fruit as well.

Hope this gets your breakfast wheels turning.


mybelle68 said...

Thank you for the great ideas. I need to know more about Eggs and bacon in a glass. This is a big help your list .

Pittsy said...

I use a boiled egg and dice it in a glass with crumbled bacon. My kids are good egg eaters but they avoid the yoke if given the option. So, if I mix it up a bit they can't separate it. Sneaky, huh?!