Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reading Chair and Room Revamp

Thursday, August 6, 2009
Pardon the poor iPhone photo but at least you have a sneak peek at our reading chair. Dad came to town this week but before that, I decided to make myself crazy and begin an overhaul on our playroom to grow it up a bit. As if I could pull that off before guests spend August with us. Ha. Damn those bees in my bonnet!

So, I've been working away transforming our small room to a more den-like status. I am hardly ready to post any 'after photos' since it's still a work in progress but I can tease you with a few of these progress notes:

: First and foremost, I have embarked on this challenge without two of my most trusted advisors, Michelle and Brandy. There simply wasn't time and I knew enough of the direction I was heading to get started. Now that I have some basic things underway, I will be calling on them (fair warning served, ladies) to help me make it pretty.

: Husband is the best! He cranked out some shelves for me (in a day). I so appreciate him hanging with my crazy, whimsical Lucy thoughts.

: The space is completely in transition and I haven't even set it up for the fam and yet my vision is being realized. Kids are playing checkers on the floor. Our reading chair is rarely empty. The toys are sparse but finally getting some action.

: Projects and creativity are brewing (much to my delight) even though I am getting rid of our craft table. I loved the table and reworked the room several times trying to make it fit and grow with the space but alas it doesn't work. I feared removing the table would leave a creative void in the room but actually it's quite the opposite. I am tripping over Anna at this very moment as she works on an embroidery scene.
I am encouraged and feeling the reward of a good purge.

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mybelle68 said...

That sounds great. Can't wait to hear from you.