Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fairy Houses

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Our cousin, Lauren, is visiting from Portland. She's older and wiser and knows a lot about fairies. In fact, she's even been to visit a fairy colony (in New Mexico). Upon learning of this fariy wisdom we thoroughly interviewed her and promptly embarked on building a fairy community of our own.

Our goal: To host the most hospitable home possible for fairies to flock to. (And don't forget, every time you laugh a new fairy is born. So, you must laugh a lot along the way.)


Begin with simple birdhouses

Coat with clear varnish

Pine cones make a perfect shingle roof

Leaves and flowers are essential fairy house materials

Pebbles and more leaves make for an awning and/or landing

Moss and bark also make a nice roof

Careful placement with hot glue needs careful cousin hands

And voila, complete homes

Since we are aiming for at least four star status we must have ladders

Thoughtful placement of each home was considered in our best tree

The amenities: A complete spa and recreation area (swing)

Finally a private invitation to the fairies.
"Please come and make a home here. Oh, how I want to see you.
I have a butterfly friend who wants to meet you."


Anonymous said...

These turned out soooo cute! Glad I could witness the creative process first hand. ;-)

meekgrant said...

Very adorable and good job recording the activity! Our faerie Gleann is coming along slowly (partially because we waiting for Lauren to return before doing too much). Thanks for posting the pictures.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely adorable!! I love the creativity and thoughtfulness of each and every step!!! Good job guys and thanks Lauren!!!