Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mapping It Out

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have a project brewing and thank the lovely Jordan for moving it along. Since our road trip in May (which I still haven't fully posted about) I have been thinking it's time for a visual for our family travels.

So far, with children, we've only traveled our homeland but I will use a World Map. I can't help making the point that while it may seem that we've been a lot of places, it's a great big world and there is much more to be discovered. I predict countless conversation mapping out future trips.

For sources and a great how-to, go here. If you are a traveling family (Nichole and Jodie) this would be a great addition to your walls.

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Girlfrog said...

We have been mapping our travels since we first got married! I love it (we only have one lone pin outside of the states!). So far we have only put pins in but I love the idea of using flags for each family member! One of our empty nests items is to travel to all the states with the children so this is a fun way to track our progress. Have fun with your project!