Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Woodland Fairy Party: The Big Finish

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
I love the parties and the details but once the party is over, I am over it too. This series of posts has been challenging for me to complete. Partially because I have so little computer time and partially because I am on to the next soiree, or in this case Easter preparations. But I will not give up this close...and so I give you the final post on the Woodland Fairy Party.

This year was a turning point for us in our party planning. Usually I have a vision that is fueled by the honoree's interests and I embark on a mission to fulfill that vision. This year, I had to put some of that aside and Anna was intimately involve in the details. It seems only fitting that she should have some involvement in her own party, but she really embraced it. I have a partner in crime in the making, which is a wonderful growth for both of us.

So, in addition to the ivy crowns, wands and fairy houses, the girls received parting gifts (again, the benefit of a small gathering). I found these fairies on mark down at the Gap. I was able to snag a different fairy for each guest (with a switch of a bow here or there). Anna laid all the fairies out and thoughtfully considered who would go with each of her friends. We made tags and hung them in the forest trees.

I found these adorable burlap bags on clearance here (They sold out of mine but others are available). The toadstool mushrooms here. And the forest fairy paper doll books at a local toy shop. I think the burlap bag can double as the fairies sleeping bag.

As I was considering the birthdays this year I wanted to be modest but thoughtful. I wanted to spend time and attention to detail (as much as real life allowed) yet not a lot of money. Kids don't know or care how much money you spend. They just want to feel special. So that's what we aimed for and I think we accomplished just that (not to mention the fun Anna and I had prepping everything).

And that, my friends, concludes the longest party post ever (at least for me).


mybelle68 said...

Great Job!!!!!

Girlfrog said...

I think your party turned out just perfect!

Greeting Card Printing said...

Those dolls looks so cute! I'm sure all your guests loved them. Another great way to personalize them is by writing your guest's name on the doll's hat or dress in glitter glue.