Thursday, April 16, 2009

Preparing for Guests

Thursday, April 16, 2009
We live in a cozy four bedroom home in a coastal community. We have sacrificed a yard for proximity to the beach. Our home is not grand but it suits us well. We use every inch of space normally so when we have guests we employ our creativity.

Everyone has their own room but when guests comes the big kids get to bunk up. Christopher has a great bunk bed and TV (gasp! He gets the TV because he can manage it. He prefers to read before bed whereas Anna would probably never turn a TV off if it was in her room). Anna has a trundle in her room. So, when my sister came for a visit over Easter with her family (including a precious 5 1/2 month old sweetie) Anna graciously made her room their home for the week. Anyone sleeping here is sure to rest like a princess.

As a perfect hostess, she greeted her little cousin with a gift, wrapped in a blanket and a sweet tag. Surely baby William felt right at home with all her efforts.


mybelle68 said...

To sweet. what a great hostess.

Anonymous said...

Her room looks amazing!

Jules said...

I agree, what a great hostess!