Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He's Got Me Right Where He Wants Me

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Since we had Irish twins I haven't really known what it's like to have one child. Folks who think one child is 'so hard' might want to stop having children because the juggling that comes into play with multiple kiddos makes one-on-one time seem like time off. My little guy isn't the easiest, most mellow kid but he melts my heart and has me wrapped around his finger. I love his enthusiasm and his excitement for all that he sees and hears. Another little thinker on my hands. I cherish the times we have now--just us.

He's a good sport about all the errands and being dragged out of a slumber to get his siblings but he shares in some perks that balance it out. Being the baby of the family means:
:: Mornings at Disneyland with mom (Shhhh, the big kids don't know about that)
:: Bike rides to the store, listening to the birds serenade us along the way
:: Wonderful beach walks and shell hunting
:: Park tours
:: Carousel rides while mama has a latte (Wait, that's my treat)
:: A tremendous amount of hugs and love (We can't get enough)
:: Lots and lots of play time

Photo by Christine Cotter, LA Times

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vicki said...

I am just so in love with this photo. It captures everything. Perfectly.