Sunday, April 5, 2009


Sunday, April 5, 2009
Me, a few years ago

I'm not the biggest resolution person, remember this post? But I am a big goal setter. Now that my job is my family and home I still have a lot of goals. As it is my birthday today, I am reflecting on some more personal things I want to do this next year of life. They're not earth shaking but would feel really good to me.

Thirty Seven Things I want to do this year (in no particular order):

  1. Sneak away OVERNIGHT with my husband--worry-free
  2. Knit another beanie to prove that I remember how
  3. Use my sewing machine
  4. Up to date with the baby books
  5. Read (I want to finish three books before the end of the year. I know its pathetic.)
  6. Discover a new favorite bottle of wine
  7. Sample and find a favorite cheese to go with my new favorite bottle of wine
  8. Swim laps (I love it every time I do it but don't do it enough)
  9. Bonfire at the beach
  10. Local family over nighter (Palm Springs, Catalina or Santa Barbara are my current contenders)Integrate personal yoga practice at home
  11. Have an intimate dinner party each month (I have been shy to entertain because our home is cozy. Yet I love breaking bread with people. Time to bring it back.)
  12. Anna and Mama yoga class
  13. San Clemente Art Walk (Date Night)
  14. Get the sitter co-op up and running
  15. Build a portfolio of photographs that I am proud of - 25 deep by year end
  16. Set up my craft space (or 'crap space' as the husband calls it) again so I can actually use it and create
  17. Private financial goal #1 (sorry this one is personal but a big focus for me this year)
  18. Plan a memorable birthday bash for the husband's 40th
  19. Surf
  20. Find a new periodical that isn't a mom read
  21. Find a good day cream with proper SPF and moisture combination
  22. Read The China Study (So afraid of what I will learn)
  23. Experience the Zen of a peaceful home more than not (we're almost there)
  24. Enjoy exercising four times per week (That usually means outdoor activities for me...Harbor walks, beach walks, bike rides, etc. Yoga is my indoor exception and the elliptical is my least favorite but maybe I can get in some trashy tv while I do it)
  25. Fit in a live musical performance
  26. Build small group family (Sundays at the beach)
  27. Play in the dirt and be a bigger part of our 'garden'
  28. Plan my outfits more frequently instead of taking what's on top
  29. Organize, organize, organize (It sounds like a new year's resolution but I feel so much better when my space is organized and clutter-free. I can conquer.)
  30. More dates with Anna and Christopher
  31. Complete annual photo album for 2006
  32. Complete annual photo album for 2007
  33. Complete annual photo album for 2008
  34. Complete annual photo album for 2009 (to-date)
  35. Refine the blog (my voice)
  36. Play more
  37. Really use my iPhone (I am notorious for not using things I have at my finger tips to their fullest capabilities. I'm not so techy but think I can learn.)


jules said...

Great list! Don't we all have one! Perhaps I should create one on my blog...;)

mybelle68 said...

I'll help you find a favortie wine and cheese, maybe you can invite me over for a dinner party ??? Kill 3 birds with one stone. (Ha)

vicki said...

Happy birthday!!

vicki said...

And re #11: embrace your house's coziness :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend!! I love you!

Adrienne Hedger said...

I like the photo caption.

mybelle68 said...

Forgot to say "Cute baby picture"
Even back then you look like your saying..."Tell me more". {Ha}