Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Olive Oil, Not Just For Cooking

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Unless you are from the Old Country you are probably spending a ton of mula on face creams, I was. In an effort to trim the bottom line and try something more affordable I decided to move beyond the fantastic but not-at-all affordable Kinerase. With a consult from the helpers at Sephora I came home with the cheap substitute, Doctor's Dermatologic Formula (Moisturizing Photo-Age Protection SPF 30).

It was certainly a good buy at $29.95 and seemed to have all that I wanted--SPF, moisturizing, etc.-- but after a few weeks of use, not so much. Navigating make-up and moisturizers is one of my least favorite things to do. It's up there with bathing suit and jean shopping. Maybe I am just easily overwhelmed but I don't have the patience to try a variety of products. I just want to be told. "You, lady, use this." And, voila, it will be the answer to all my dreams--at least my moisturizing dilemmas.

So, after some time with the failed DDF cream, I lost all confidence in any counter and headed to the drug store. I talked to my girls and scrolled a few blogs looking for some recommendations and settled on Oil of Olay. It's been around forever, the women in the commercials always have beautiful skin and even Ellen endorses it. That is surely a safe buy, right? Wrong. After less than a week I completely broke out. I have dry skin that is prone to wrinkles but rarely do I break out. Clearly, not a fit for me.

So, finally I went with my gut, got back to basics and am now using good old fashion EVOO! That's right, Paul Newman's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be exact. I have held my tongue and resisted sharing with you for fear of a bad endorsement. So far, a month in and I am perfectly supple. I only use apply at nighttime. It's not greasy or heavy like you might think but perfectly moisturizing. By morning I am fully absorbed.

I figure the women in Italy have been using it forever. Evidently I am reducing my signs of aging inside and out with this antioxidant-rich kitchen staple.

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Mel said...

I used to buy an expensive version of this by the Japanese skin care line, DHC http://www.dhccare.com/DHC/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=1&Catalog=DHC+USA
BUT I discovered it was glorified olive oil (and it worked beautifully). So, I have been thinking of switching to regular evoo. Great to hear that it is working for you. As soon as my juice beauty moisturizer jar is empty, I'm making the switch to olive oil. Thanks for the tip!