Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Buddy: Mr. Cling On

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My third little one gives me a run for my money. With our older two ("big kids") being so close we often feel like we had twins the hard way. I can relate much more closely with my friends who have had twins then with folks who had children more spaced out. And even with the busyness of the two together I don't remember it to be quite like my times with little Parker. (BTW, I never had an 'easy' child who sat alone to play with blocks for more than two minutes. We have an active bunch over here.)

It could be that I just have blocked it out and romanticized my memories (like the bad stuff of child birth, "it's all beautiful and glorious...") or it may be that he really is just more of a force (which is hard to beat, let me tell you!).

My older two kiddos didn't give us too much trouble for "terrible twos" but three was tough. For both of them, being three was highly emotional. Developmentally they were processing all their emotions and learning how to manage them. Boundaries were big and it was a more difficult age than two.

For Parker, he's giving us a run for our money at two! He see-saws between the typical two year old desires and subsequent fits with being very clingy with mama (serious separation anxiety). While I love the cuddling to no end, I do have difficulty EVER being alone. No shower, potty or laundry experience is every my own. (I'm not whining because I know it is short lived and he will not be my little guy forever.)

But I do wonder, is he an early bird and getting these emotional growths out of the way or am I really in for it and I have terrible two and three to look forward to? Time will tell.


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I think children have highs and lows just like us and some years are easier than others. If two's are giving you some trouble I'm betting that 3 will be a piece of cake!

YoBaby said...

I think we are in the same boat in so many things and now this too! (You blog my heart baby!)

I thought 3 was much harder with E, but now 2 with A is such a nightmare that I am also hoping that we are getting this "out of the way"? Or is it just gonna be a really long 2 years?? Here's hoping... ;-)