Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CL hits SIX right out of the park

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I realized I have a few more birthday parties to post and since I'm in the mode, so to speak, I might as well do it now. First, there are a couple of ground rules that I feel compelled to share.

1. We are BIG birthday people. My husband actually thinks we should honor the birthday person (specifically, him) all month long. His birthday is at the end of the month and mine is at the beginning so I'm just plain out of luck.

2. We like to make the honoree feel very special but don't always think that needs to mean pricey, over-the-top-mortgage-my-house-parties. It's in the details and the special moments together that we love so much.

3. Recently we've stopped having one party and opted to spread the birthday love over a few small parties. With the kids now in school and close family friends and then our own special family treat it just works better (translation: more quality interaction with all).

4. In spite of myself and my wacky ideas, I really try to let the kids' interests dictate the 'theme' of the celebration.

Now that you know the method to my madness let's get into this little shindig (I will post the other celebrations for CL's #6 as well.). For our neighborhood family (We are a tight little village. Our kids are close enough to treat each other like cousins.), we set up a little ball park party. Christopher is digging baseball and it was an easy park party to throw together.

Food: For snacks we had a bin of peanuts and served a hot dog bar
Music: Naturally, I put together a baseball themed play list and Anna took great delight in playing 'DJ'. Adding music to a regular scene (like our neighborhood park) takes an every day gathering to a new level.
Activity: We had a t-ball game and pennant making craft (HUGE hit with all ages).
Cupcakes: You will rarely find me opting for a cake when cupcakes don't require plates or utensils. We just put together a simple baseball cupcake cake.
Favor: The favor bags had big league chew, cracker jacks and personal (laminated) playing cards with all of the birthday boy's stats. My favorite part of the favors is that the tags were made from....breast pads. I'm telling you, they make a perfect baseball.
Imagine his full name across the top (I blocked that out to protect his privacy, wink, wink.)

What I am so tickled about now, almost a year later, is what he loved and wanted to do. These are things that came directly from him. As far as his 'goals for the season', he's tackle all of them, not necessarily mastered but at least tried. Sigh. I'm glad I made this memento.


Lorie said...

I love it! What a great idea for the baseball card.

mybelle68 said...

The pictures are so sweet. I volunteered to be the Party planner for my sons baseball team. I'll be stealing some ideas,so our Party will be hit like your.