Thursday, December 4, 2008

Need a Release

Thursday, December 4, 2008
I love the holidays. I love the reason for the season. I love the togetherness. I love the giving. I love the pretty lights. I am not one who you will find complaining about "all the stuff I HAVE to do" around the holidays. I like it.

That said, I need a break!

It's not the holidays that are weighing me down as much as my clutter. My feng shui is all out of wack and my external is reflecting my crowded and cluttered internal. I have too many balls in the air and just need a moment to let everything settle and prioritize. You dig?

This may not be the very best time to dive into some home projects but then again I think it is. I can always find a reason to to feel overwhelmed and postpone the deeper de-cluttering. I have a hard time just maintaining the daily flow of backpacks and socks and toys and mail and....

But, I just have to tackle it one little drawer, one closet at a time. In the midst of a WHOLE lot of other stuff yesterday I took on my kitchen linen drawer. It is in much better shape now and I am encouraged. A small victory, I know.

I love Melissa's post on Freedom from Stuff:
* If you feel overwhelmed, set aside a block of time to get life back into order and balance.
* Focus on your most dreaded task first. Once you dive in, it won’t seem so bad.
* Look at things in your home objectively. Are they adding something of important value or are they just one more thing to dust, store or organize?
* Not sure where to begin de-cluttering? Try removing half of the items from a cupboard, shelf or closet and step back to look. Be prepared to be amazed at how energized you’ll feel!
* Remember there are many people so less fortunate that would be blessed by what we give away.

The kids have been motivated to help with their things. I may have missed the mark with the incentive that if we can give some of our things away we make room for new toys, but it seems to work. And I can use the help releasing our things.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I feel the same way. Overwhelmed by clutter. Everywhere.

Anonymous said...

You wrote exactly what I've been feeling lately...