Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thermos Food: It's That Kind of Day

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In second through fourth grade I was so jealous of my best friend, Beverly. Nearly every day she came to school with a piping hot thermos of Spaghettios!! There was no way, no how my Dad would let me eat such 'non-food'. So, naturally, I wanted it more.

I tried to trade lunch with her but she was wise to my ways and didn't find mine at all appealing. Whenever I went to Beverly's house I always begged for Spaghettios for a snack. She thought I was nuts. She would ask why I would want that? She has it everyday for lunch. So boring. So obvious.

So, today, I couldn't bring myself to make a sandwich for the kids. The cool wet weather screamed for thermos food! So, I whipped up my own version of gluten-free spaghetti tubes, with meatballs I might add.

Isn't this one of benefits of being a parent? You get to go through childhood again, doing the things you wanted when you were a kid? Or it just means that I will end up spoiling my kids rotten! Either way, I'm ok with it.

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Sarah's Fab Day said...

Isn't that funny how you remember those things. I remember in second grade one of my friends ate a PB&J, Fritos and a Little Debbie Nutty Bar everyday. How I wanted those Nutty when I think back all I can think is gross.