Monday, November 17, 2008

Sista Shoutout: Nichole Keeps It Real

Monday, November 17, 2008

So today I had one of those great keep-your-feet-on-the-ground talks with Nichole. She's a sista for sure and deserves a big shoutout and thank you for giving me a little nudge and encouraging me.

I have known Nichole since sorority days (don't hate me) in college. She has always been my *fun* friend. She's crazy some times and I love it. She loves to live life and live it large. I have my most embarrassing moments with her (peeing my pants laughing--as an adult!) and certainly some of my most fun times.

Our bond is strengthened by our husbands friendship. They grew up together and now our kids will grow up knowing each other. They live in Arizona and we live in So Cal so it's not the same as living across the street from your friend, but we see each other when we can and the kids are pen pals.

Nic is the friend I've been there with. We've made it through the challenging times and realized we are sistas for life (clearly I am not just talking about sorority life). Truly the things that were hardest on us made us stronger and now we have the most straight up and authentic relationship. I ALWAYS tell it to her straight and I am so appreciative when she dishes it back. Because of the love we can be open to hearing our dear friend calling us back from some ledge we may be nearing. I appreciate the authenticity and honesty we share.

So, today we were talking about blogs and blog-finds (but not in the way you may think) and she called me out. She said my blog isn't reflecting me but rather a SHOPPER (gasp!). That is not the blog I want and it's not the blog that my good friend wants to read from me. It's not me! I'm not a shopper. I think I am a sharer. When I find something I like (whether I buy it or not) I like to share the idea. I realize now, after my heart-to-heart that this here blog is not what I set out for it to be.

Time for a confessional: I think I got a little sidetracked with the frequency of a post rather than the reflection or inspiration of the post. What I am most drawn to are blogs of inspiration, not consumerism. Blogs that are different and creative and certainly AUTHENTIC.

So, as my good friend told me, it's time to get back to the Lucy thoughts. It's not that I'm exceptionally creative or very original but this is supposed to be a place of inspiration and an outlet for my whimsical thoughts. It's high time I get back to that. You may not find a daily post from me but hopefully you will find a better reflection of me when you do stop by.

I big shout out to Nichole for lighting my fire and inspiring me to do better; to show more of me. I am grateful that she cares enough to notice when I may be slipping away. I'm a lucky sista.


Nichole said...

'Tis I, who is the lucky sista. You do inspire me and make me a better mom, friend and overall person. I love you for that. I am so glad that you 'understood' our conversation earlier and I do look forward to reading more about your lucy thoughts, which I adore!
Don't get me wrong... I do appreciate your awesome finds... but again, I look forward to reading more about you and that awesome little brood of yours whenever you post your thoughts, ideas and whatever you want. After all, this IS your blog and you're AWESOME for actually doing it! :)
Missing you much!
P.S. LOVE the "Sista shout out!" What a nice surprise. :)

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love this post because it poses a question which I often ask myself, too much or too little. Strangely enough for me it's less about me and more about my aesthetic.

jora said...

You know I heart that girl in a big, big way too. I like to think all three of us are cosmically linked (can I just arbitrarily attach myself to your sista shoutout bond??). Anyway, thanks for posting this. And I love you (and your blog) just the way you are.