Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clear the Clutter Confessional: Magazines

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
I have a problem....magazines. I can't bring myself to recycle them until I have read every page. I know it's a problem. I have had moments of progress but I am not currently enjoying the height of one of those cycles. My feng shui is all out of wack from the piles of mostly home magazines mounting. It's a clear reflection of the clutter going on in my head. Time to clear it out!

I have times where I am easily inspired contrasted by other rather dry spells. I developed a system but have regretfully fallen away. It's time to revist that process and reduce the amount of periodicals that can be found stashed in a basket here there and everywhere. It looks something like this:

First pass: Dogear pages of inspiration or need for further review.

Second pass: After a short time in purgatory, I take a second pass and sort the pages worth tearing out. (recipes, gifts, inspiration, things to reserach, etc.)

Sorting: The visual inspiration (room ideas, furniture, etc.) go into 'the book'. Others have their own files. Some are even sorted by holiday.

I am further spurred into action and have some room for refinement with some tips from one of my favorite bloggers, Benita at Chez Larsson. She keeps many more magazines on hand than I plan to (on purpose) but her system is good.

If you are suffering from magazine and catalog drowning I wish you happy sorting. It's all about editing, isn't it?

Necessary footnote: One thing I am compelled to reveal...Unless I am traveling and want to feel indulgent I have cut myself off from the trashy mags. I used to justify a subscription to Us Weekly (yikes!) by saying it was my eye candy during my wine and bath time. I have cleansed myself from the filth and do not buy those mags anymore. And it feels good to move up the food chain.

Photo by Benita, Chez Larsson.

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mybelle68 said...

I'm right there with you, but it's hard to stay on top of it, with the holiday season fast upon us. I kid you not, 10-20 catalogs a day in the mail. Why????? I do toss most out without a glance ( shameful) Plus I get so busy I don't have time for any extra mag reading. I feel like I have homework. The magazine/catalog clutter is out of control. I do have a system too, just like yours, but again .....homework.Ugggh