Thursday, October 30, 2008


Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am a big fan of registries and wishlists. It's not that I don't welcome the opportunity for a unique gift but I also love fulfilling something that is longed for, desired. So, this year I am creating wishlists for my kids for the holidays. We don't need much and I do prefer handmade items but if the occasion arises and one is hard pressed to know what the kids are interested in (which book they really want, or what playmobil piece would complete their set, etc.) I can keep a list going. It's just as much for me as anyone else.

My favorite one stop shop is Amazon. Good prices, great selection, easy purchasing. Now you can create a universal wishlist and include items from any website on your Amazon list. I love that! One stop. You know I will be adding plenty of Etsy treasures to the lists. Can't wait to shop! (Shop doesn't mean buy, it means peruse and shop around for the perfect item.)


sandy said...
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mama lulu said...

I LOVE that I can now direct the grandparents to just one list when they ask what the kids want for Christmas. Thanks Pittsy!