Monday, October 20, 2008


Monday, October 20, 2008

[Please click here before reading this post....My new favorite song and a sweet video too.]

The theme for our weekend was 'the show must go on.'

The post is not intended to fall into a woe-is-me vain but rather a literal rendition of Bj life. You see for Anna, the show must go on. She is in a theater program has recently been having some feelings of insecurity and stage fright (very unlike her). After a fatigue-induced meltdown she declared that she was never going on stage again. (My mama confessional will also reveal that she had just concluded an impromptu performance for us that was interrupted by you guessed it, Parker. Then Lizzy. Then Christopher. It was all too much for her to cope with. You see why we think she may be good in drama?!)

While I would have normally let the gift of time work it's magic on her we had a friend's birthday party the next day that was at the theater house. In eighteen hours she was going to be at a party learning her role in the Annie production (to be performed at the party's finale).
Hence the lesson in the show must go on. Unless there is a significant amount of blood something does not qualify as show stopping and we must carry on and put our best foot forward.

While I could go on with the antics of dear Anna for a very lengthy post, I must share how the theme transcended through our weekend.

So lil P spent Sunday under the weather and feeling crummy. He has a fever and can't shake the drip. He likes to be held a lot normally but when he's feeling icky he wants the constant comfort (who doesn't?!). So, I obliged and we made chicken pot pie together (a little hard with one hand but certainly not show stopping). No one was burned in the process but I did leave out the parsley. The show must go on.

I have been feeling so tired this week. I am convinced it's because of the Santa Anas. I know those offshore winds have some kind of increase in positively charged ions in the air affecting our electromagnetic system thus resulting in a feeling of increased fatigue. I could benefit from a little boost in energy rather than a drop. C'Mon! The show must go on.

The husband had his first Indian Guide event with Christopher and it happened to be one that their tribe was hosting. In an effort to show well and meet the other guys he was early for the event--even though the Chargers were playing. While we have TiVo and he can catch the game later, most guys would finish watching the game and then head on over. He considered it but persevered. He thought to himself, this is not show stopping, therefore, the show must go on.

The husband and I rotate our 'sleep in' days. Keep in mind, in our house sleeping in until 8 is GOLDEN. That means you hit the jackpot. So, on Saturday when it was my day to sleep in I woke early and couldn't go back to sleep. Figures. On Sunday, my day of coverage, I woke, after few hours of sleep, to a splitting migraine, a sick kid and a wet bed. Time to suck it up. The show must go on.

I will leave you with the thought of our etiquette lesson over dinner. It started off well and we had some eager participants. (Parker even said his first "Amen.") The husband and I saw smoke when our sweet little review in manners turned into a little militia of manner patrol. Mercy, we have unleashed a furry that needs to be tamed. We are being called out left and right for our misconduct. While we considered aborting the manners mission and letting these children raise themselves like rabid beasts, we can not turn back. The show must go on.

So, while we are not always characters on a stage the need to carry on (chin up buckaroo) and persevere through to the next scene persists. Let's enjoy the show.

Incidentally, Anna had a great time at the party and showed no signs of stage fright. Perhaps it has passed. I did hear her saying under her breath..."The show must go on."

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mybelle68 said...

I am under the waether myself,( Parker and I have the same thing) I understand "the show must go on". I wish my understudy could fill in for me. Whomever that it???

jora said...

C-Man can't get enough of this song. He keeps asking me to play it over and over. :)