Friday, October 10, 2008

Planning For The Season

Friday, October 10, 2008
Simple Mom has a twelve week plan for a peaceful Christmas season. I have a a similar plan that isn't quite as wired. I will be taking a page out of her playbook. I love planning and don't like to wait until the last minute (albeit three kids and an overzealous ambition can some times lend itself to a scramble).

Here is what she outlines as her twelve week plan:

Week 12: solidify our Christmas budget
Week 11: inventory our holiday decor stuff; make notes on what to look for in stores on sale
Week 10: organize our mailing address list for Christmas cards
Week 9: research ways we can volunteer time and/or donate gifts as a family
Week 8: gather supplies to create a Jesse Tree
Week 7: design our cards, order stamps, and address envelopes
Week 6: finish shopping for our gift list
Week 5: get out the calendar and schedule dates and events
Week 4: decorate for Christmas!
Week 3: make food plans; freeze meals for the next few weeks
Week 2: make and freeze cookie dough; prep food gifts
Week 1: thoroughly clean, prepare for guests, or prepare to be a guest (aka traveling)

I may have a tweak a few items in the schedule but it's a good start to making the season a peaceful one.

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