Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Piggy Story

Thursday, October 9, 2008
You may be starting to build your gift-giving lists. One of my very favorite things to give is this art folio from The Piggy Story. Everything is hand made and so adorable.

The folio comes in a variety of styles for boys and girls. We use ours for the travel and art time in the car.
The Piggy Story has other adorable items as well. There are naptime sleep sets complete with pillow and quilt, child-sized cooking aprons and roll-and-go placemats, with more.
I have my eye on this cute little suitcase sleep set. The eye mask is the topper for me!

Most of the offerings are under $25 (perfect gift price), including this adorable lunch tote for $24.

I could go on. I love most everything from The Piggy Story.


jora said...

I absolutely LOVE the one you guys got C-Man. So, so cute. I admit I have given a few to other people since you gave him his... :)

mybelle68 said...

Like this, I will file this one away for gifts.