Monday, September 8, 2008

Making Our Nest

Monday, September 8, 2008

The big kids have been back to school for almost a week now and I am still getting settled into our new schedule. I love this time of year, always have. I was one of those kids who always liked school and I hope my kids will continue to as well. I love the freshness of embarking on something new. The anticipation of what is to come. As a parent you get to relive all that excitement with your little ones and the family adapts with the changes.

I must make sure you know, loud and clear, I am not one of those moms who can't wait to get rid of their kids. (No judgement, just setting the record straight.) In fact, the husband and I plan to have a motorhome that we use to follow our kids around (that is, if they ever leave). I know it's not 'cool' to smother or hover, so I will be sure to mask it as something else. But the facts are, I don't look for reasons to farm the kids out or long for the school days so the kids are out of my hair. I know these days go quickly and I am trying to suck the marrow.

{Major disclaimer: I do not want this to be a blog that is all about self promotion and how good I am at this or that. I hope to be honest. With that guideline, I feel compelled to be sure my lovely readers know I am no saint of a mom. I have bad days and times where I long for a solo shower or private potty break. I can't speak on the phone during 'on duty' hours and can feel isolated at times. So, I'm certainly not claiming perfection, just sharing where my heart is.}

So, now that the record is straight....I am loving this chance to be home almost alone and able to make our nest! I have ALL DAY with little Pj. We can walk the harbor or clean a closet! I have not afforded such luxuries in our family's short little time together. We have been in triage for six and a half years.

With the big kids being 11 months (generous timeline) apart and having twins the hard way, our family has been busy. Then a few set backs with little PJ have left us whirling a bit. We are starting to feel like we are coming out of a fog. A glorious and blessed fog, but a bit of a frantic fog as well. So, I have all sorts of ideas about how I can relish in my one-child-fun-time and still get some great things done around the house.

Wish me luck in actually accomplishing my crazy lucy thoughts. I will post on my progress regularly. (It makes me feel accountable. Even if not another soul reads this blog or gives a hoot.)

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Sarah's Fab Day said...

The motorhome home idea sounds perfect for my husband and I. I can see us doing that too, ha hah!

jora said...

I, too, am really looking forward to the one-on-one time with Baby J. We've never had it before!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I, too, love this time of year and am loving the excitement of starting school all over again. I can't wait to open the backpack and see what papers were sent home!

As much as I miss her (all day now!), I am enjoying some "slower" days with just the baby. (Slower until 3pm!) I feel like I am actually accomplishing stuff again! ;-)

Enjoy the days!

mybelle68 said...

Thanks for reminding me, that my youngest, ( pre-k'er) is only going to be young for tiny while. I should enjoy my free moments with him and not just tote him around and do errands. I know this, I just needed to be reminded.