Monday, September 15, 2008

Adventures and Outings

Monday, September 15, 2008

Check out my little guys on Ohdeedoh's Adventures and Outings.

My tips for boating with kiddos....

The city and location the photo was taken in: Lake Powell on the Arizona and Utah border. Beautiful boating with endless coves and lots of glassy water. The best part is that the lake is so big, it isn't crowded. You can come upon the most fabulous lagoon, call it home and not have to share it. And there is a multitude of them!

Your favorite baby or child-friendly activity there: Endless exploring and appreciation of the majestic canyon lake. Fishing, tubing and all the water sports. The best boating ever. It's not crowded! Kids really appreciate nature when they spend time in such a pristine environment.

Your best tip or words of wisdom for traveling with kids: Relative to boating, I'd say don't be afraid to take your kids out and experience the world with you. Strap on a safety vest and never go without. The kids forget all about the vests and learn to play on. (Incidentally, the big cloth band-aids work well for the chin to prevent rashes and rubbing from wearing a life vest all day) Also, as soon as you get the motor running and head out, the kids pass out. The motion combined with the hum of the engine and the wind knock them out every time! Don't worry about missing naps. They'll get plenty of rest in transit. (and you must know I am a bit of sleep sargeant.)

Your favorite way to make it feel like home: For overnight, we always bring music. New places have new sounds and travel requires rested explorers. We have an ipod and a docking station loaded with lullabies and we play that softy. It's what they get at home so anywhere feels like home with good music.

An item you MUST take with you when traveling: We always take one special sleep item for the kids. Three kids and they all have something different that is special to them; blanket, pillow, monkey. Also, planning is key. Be sure to food map. I make sure we always have enough food. If you are out and enjoying the scenery or boating you can't exactly run to the pantry for a snack and nothing makes for an angry crowd than low blood sugar.


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love Lake Powell, it's so beautiful. Your trip looks wonderful.

mybelle68 said...

I love the big cloth band-aid tip for the chin. I always tried to just smear chapstick all over it, but that never really worked that great. My kids always have scabbed chins after our river trips.
I love when I learn something new. Thanks a bunch.