Friday, August 15, 2008

Initiation Feels Good

Friday, August 15, 2008
Having just entered the blogosphere and subsequently launching this little site of my Lucy thoughts, I am honored Jora from Domestic Reflections has awarded me the "Arte y Pico" award. Thank you kindly for this great boost. Jora turned me on to blogging (see my sista shout out) and I am having a blast. It's a bonus to know I have a reader or two out there.

Continuing in the tradition of obscurity and flattery I must pass this blogging honor on to my favorite daily stops, aka Pittstops. Jora would top my list but our lovefest must be spread around.

Design Mom
Gabrielle's tag line sums her up: "I'm a designer/art director and mother of five in New York. I post on where design and motherhood intersect." Ok, inspirational! Mother of five and that blog?! She is on the pulse of the blogosphere and shares so many wonderful resources and finds. While I prefer her posts, the guest bloggers are a nice touch (and naturally lead to me being and even bigger mouse potato...No sleep necessary....). Gabrielle was one of the first blogs I found and she set the bar high.

Oh Happy Day
Great taste and fabulous blogging must run in the family. (Jordan is Gabrielle's sister.) Oh Happy Day is the epitome of eye candy for me. I love, love, love most every post. This site touches my design core and really ups the ante for me. I can do so much better, simply. She doesn't overdo anything. She is intentional without being over-the-top and the amazing photography speaks volumes. Classy.

In addition to having a wonderfully creative site with great photography and impeccable taste, I am drawn to her Portland vibe. We sometimes dabble with the notion of moving up north but will likely stay put. Reading Chelsea's blog daily gives me a snippet of everything I love about the area. Thanks for the fix. I am making my way through the archives and love every post.

Simply Lovely
One of the "criteria" for this award is someone who contributes to the blogging community. I am a big fan of Joslyn's site but especially love how she brings people together--see her recent Blogger Favorite's series. I'd say that certainly fits the bill. Thanks for the daily dose of goodness.

Soule Mama
Amanda is a mother who writes about the simplicity and 'soule' in everyday things. I can feel her calmness and want a piece of it. She inspires me daily to be an engaging mom and encourage my kids to continue to enjoy the discovery around every corner. Her creative storytelling is endearing and the photography makes me want to run outside and play with my settings, right now.

I am happily initiated by this 'award'. Thank you.


Design Mom said...

I'm absolutely honored to be included on such a list -- I read and love every blog you mentioned. Thank you!

Welcome to the blogosphere! It looks like you feel right at home and I'm so glad.

jordan said...

Thank you! That is so nice.

chelsea said...

Thanks so much!!!

Joslyn said...

Ditto! what a nice treat to be included among such amazign ladies. thank you!