Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun Finds, Smokin' Deals

Friday, August 15, 2008
I know it may not be glamorous or sophisticated but I need a good deal. I am willing to pay a proper penny for something but I will put in the leg work to ensure I have secured the best possible price. Cheap? Nah, just a good shopper. (wink)

I am tickled about some of my recent finds on a night out with a girlfriend. I must share.
How about these bauble ballet flats? Would you guess Old Navy?
Richard Chai top from Target. It looks better on me than the model, if I may be so bold. I find it more fitted and not so boxy. Last, and my favorite find, this Subterfuge Jacket from Anthropologie. The picture doesn't reflect it's charm. I especially like the button closure.


jora said...

Love those flats! I just those somewhere else too.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous finds! You must have had a good companion encouraging you along in your shoppping. ;-)