Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's about time! Food Network has a tastebook you can create from your favorite recipes. I love this idea. It's quite an evolution from Grandma's cookbook.

The drag and drop tastebook allows you to include your own recipes and photos as well as those from Food Network and Epicurious (over 50,000 recipes to choose from). It holds up to 100 recipes and has a nice hardback cover. The easy open spiral binder allows you to remove the recipes and there are tabs for organizing by type. All for $19.95!

Naturally, there are several existing tastebooks you could also choose from that have already been created. If you have a cookbook fetish this may be a problem for you.

For as much as I like to cook my recipes are in shambles. Looks like I have the perfect solution. I'm building my recipes as we speak. Not a bad Christmas gift, eh?


mybelle68 said...

What......?I have not heard of this. I'm all over this one I can't wait. I need some time to organize my thoughts, get the kids settled, and I'll be working on this. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I could never make my own book since I have around 3 recipes I make, but I would LOVE a copy of YOUR tastebook for Christmas! ;-)