Monday, July 14, 2008

Stretching Ourselves

Monday, July 14, 2008
One thing you should know about the Bjs; we don't always get it right the first time but we try and we grow. We do it for ourselves as much as we do it for our kids. The husband and I subscribe to the philosophy that life is meant to be lived and we think children learn amazing things through experience. There is simply so much to do in this great world.

So we embarked on our first real camping with the kids. We took an RV trip last year and it was great. But we were in the comfort of beds and could pop in a movie for some down time, take showers and cook. This trip was a quick overnighter at Doheny with tent camping and a fire pit. The good ol' sleeping bag and flashlight kind of trip.

Here's the review.

Things we got right the first time:
We did it. We got out and stretched ourselves and had a serendipitous fun time.
We had good partners in crime. Fun friends to share it with.
All children survived the ring of fire--even PJ.
I paddled out.

Things we learned for a better experience next time:
Probably not that campground again. Sites are too small. Not enough 'nature'.
I paddled in. (No surf at all for me to even TRY to catch a wave.)

We will certainly do it again next year and it will only get better as the kids get older.


mybelle68 said...

El Capitan in Santa Barbra is suposed to be awesome. The woods and the beach. I hear the even have tent turn down service. That might just be a rumor, or made up to get me to go camping.

Mama Bj said...

Yes, we stayed at El Capitan last year on our RV trip. It was great!