Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rockabye Baby!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
How nice it is to appreciate the Beatles on a whole new level with this Rockabye Baby Lullabye Renditions of the Beatles CD. It's a soothing instrumental introduction for our children to experience. Our 18 month old non-sleeper, PJ, began to sleep better once we added this little ditty to his repertoire. Coincidence? (The irony of his nickname is not lost on his haggard and sleep deprived parents.)

A little known tid bit that my dear husband (the musical one) shared with me...While Lenny Kravitz attended music school he was only allowed to listen to classical music and the Beatles. The complex melodies and twist between rock and roll and experimental music is suggested to be on par with classical music's structure. If it's good enough for Lenny, it's good enough for PJ.

There are other artists with similar instrumental lullabyes available as well (Coldplay, U2, etc.).

This would be a great gift for an expecting parent, especially those having their second or third or .... child. You know, the ones who have everything. I just picked a copy up for an upcoming shower myself.

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