Friday, July 25, 2008

Guest Blogger Jora: Supper Club, Anyone?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hi there! I'm Jora from Domestic Reflections. I'm so excited to be be guest blogging for Pittsy -- it's a first for me!
Pittsy has been asking me for some time about the Supper Club I belong to. So, why don't I go ahead and tell all of you about it? If you are a mom, like Pittsy and I are, it is a great "big girl" item to have on your calendar. I know I look forward to it all month long.

There are lots of ways to set your Supper Club up. You can make it a couples thing or just the girls. You can have the hostess prepare the whole meal for the group or you can potluck it. You can think of themes on you own or you can follow a guide, like the one Bon Appetit puts out every month. Bon Appetit even has a "Cooking Club Starter Kit" and a game plan for each months menu. It kind of overthinks the whole thing, but it's a fun place to start. Especially if you are needing ideas.

Here's how our group does it: We have about 10 girls or so, and we rotate playing hostess. We meet once a month (usually the third Tuesday). The hostess gets to pick the theme. She provides the main dish and drinks. Everyone else adds in a side dish or dessert to go along with the theme. We have had lots of different themes: the obvious ethnic ones (Italian, Mexican, Provencal, Indian, etc.), but also fun ones like "All American," "White Trash," "Green" (it was the beginning of spring), "Bring Something Your Spouse Hates, But You Love to Eat." Choosing the theme is usually the best part. Somehow everyone's dishes just seem to go together and there isn't usually a problem of too many salads or desserts (if that's possible). Then again, everyone in the group is pretty into cooking and food, so there is no shortage of ideas and recipes.
If you are into cooking and visiting with your girlfriends, try getting a supper club together. I think you will really like it!
Image from Bon Appetit.


Sarah's Fab Day said...

Sounds like a fab idea, I especially like the one about bringing something you love and your spouse doesn't. Genius!

180/360 said...

That's a great idea! I'd love to try something similar. What do you do with your children? I desperately need to find a babysitter.

Mel said...

Wow, that Jora sure is a genius!