Monday, June 30, 2008

Nature, Even in Suburban Dwelling

Monday, June 30, 2008
I like to think my kids do pretty well with regard to their love for nature in spite of the reality that we are suburban dwellers with a very small space to call a backyard. They are quite resourceful in gathering all sorts of treasures from nature and have been for some time. I have lost count of the many many rollie pollies that met an early demise at the thoughtful and nurturing care of my children.

Now and then new critters make their way into our family. This little grasshopper, who Anna affectionately named Caryse, was no different and treated with the utmost care. (We think she was a grasshopper and Christopher researched her features with his bug dictionary and this was the closest description for my little entimologists. )

Anna was very diligent to create a nice home for her as well as an outdoor area for her to get some recreation and fresh air (Anna felt the bug box with it's mesh enclosure was simply not enough ventilation for Caryse).

She fed her and sang to her. She was very thoughtful and concerned about her long hind legs which mysteriously went missing. We even provided some freshly swatted flies for Caryse to nibble on.

In spite of all of Anna's love and great care Caryse passed on. While we may not be Fern with a Wilbur, and we aren't on a farm, I am touched by the most simple creatures and how much care is given. It gives me hope that even if we live in a home with a small yard that is mostly hardscaped, nature abounds.

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