Friday, June 27, 2008

Bike Parade Picnic Party

Friday, June 27, 2008

Anna's fifth birthday party was one of most fun yet -- and we like to do parties. Part of the splendor lies in the serendipity of the party and that you can't over plan it. It builds and the kids take ownership of their fun instead of waiting to be directed. For us that authenticity and simplicity was the party gift we wanted to give. The seed for future bike parades has been planted!

But about the party. Here are some of the details
(April, this is especially for you.):

With the help of my good friend and gifted author and artist, Adrienne, I made the invitations. I can be crafty but she is the artist. I like to say I commissioned this piece.

Every parade needs some decorations.
We assembled at our home,
decorated our bikes and
dropped the gifts to be appreciated later.
The creativity did not disappoint!

We hosted a picnic of sandwiches, sun chips, cuties and Izzes. Our bike parade was a destination party so every party item had to be hauled on the bikes (or wagon).

Simplicity is key here and I might add that there is something very nice in that. As someone who often suffers from wanting to do more (my Lucy thoughts runneth over--do you see a theme here?) this was a very liberating aspect to the party--one I hadn't fully anticipated.

Anna handed out the goodies for her friends (a proud moment for me as I watched on seeing my budding hostess).
We had jump ropes, frisbees, kites and bubbles.
A picnic basket acts as a fun 'grab bag'.

The lunch bags (just added some fun ribbon border and a '5' punch in a flower shape) doubled as goodie bags. What you haul in, you must haul out, so it's good to keep waste to a minimum. If only we could think like that at home.

The cupcakes! Oh how I love the cupcakes. No forks, no plates, no waste and everyone gets their own.

I like to splurge and get them from It's All About the Cake. They are beautifully decorated and yummy! Anna is a strawberry lover so these are fresh strawberry cake. I usually try to
personalize for birthday girl (or boy).

It was a good time for all!

Especially the birthday girl.


jora said...

I just LOVE this party theme. I think you should do a bunch of posts just on all of your different party ideas! :)

AEO said...

I found your post through Party Perfect, and I can't wait to have a 6 year old to mimic this party idea. This is perfect for a spring/summer day for either gender. I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing. I just bookmarked it!